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Our Team 


Our team consists of Lisa and Cliff Walker and several key personnel, with various assets that contribute to the success of our company.  These two have built the business with the help of many but could not been done without their dedicated respect for each other.  Both blessed to have the support of their Walkers Service Team and family & friends through the past several years while dealing with the unexpected event of Cancer and other health obstacles.

  • CLIFFORD WALKER- President, has been in the business all of his life.  His vast experience has led him to have a wide knowledge base of all areas of grounds maintenance including landscape, tree work/removal, health of grass/plants/trees and of the environment.  He holds a Commercial Limited Pesticide Applicator license, Commercial Fertilizer Applicator License, Right of Way Applicator License, Best Management Practices Certification, and Advance MOT Certification.  He educates and supports employees, participates in hands on work with the crews, manages sales/ projects, and assists with administrative work.
  • LISA WALKER- CEO has a wide range of experience and knowledge which includes, accounting/ bookkeeping, real estate sales, business ownership and management, marketing, and holds a Paramedic Technology Degree and a Florida Real Estate Brokers License.  She supports The Team concept and manages the business inside and out, administration, and overall well being of the company.  Cancer Survivor- Free since 2015. 
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